At MMPS, we understand the importance of  planning for the future and creating a sound strategy for your estate. MMPS offers a comprehensive approach and starting this process often begins with a properly drafted will. Without a will, state law determines who will receive your property and assets, care for your dependents and who will handle the affairs of your estate without consideration of your wishes or the needs of your family and friends. Having a will guarantees that your assets are distributed according to your instructions.

The will drafting process involves a litany of delicate concerns including but not limited to: custody, health care issues, real estate, personal finances, and taxes. The attorneys at MMPS can ensure that your will is appropriately created and executed, and stands up in court. We can help draft and help you understand documents such as a will, durable power of attorney, health care power of attorney, living will, revocable living trust and many other instruments used to plan your estate.

The attorneys at MMPS are also experienced in general estate planning – another service that is instrumental in securing the future of your family and business. Our firm is determined to establish a customized estate plan that addresses your distinct needs. We can help minimize or eradicate estate taxes, create directives in the event of incapacity, assist with buy-sell agreements, avoid probate, prevent beneficiary disputes, protect your assets, provide for your children and loved ones and ensure that all of your requests will be met.

If you own assets, have dependents, own a business or just want to be prepared for the future, if you need advice on any estate or business succession planning matters, the attorneys at MMPS are anxious to listen to your needs and work with your other advisors to formulate solutions to provide sound planning and protection.

For more information about any of these legal specialties, contact us to schedule a consultation.