At MMPS, we understand that intellectual property is valuable. The Intellectual Property (IP) Law Group at MMPS assists clients at all stages of the protection of intellectual property for companies ranging from boot strapped start-ups to publicly traded companies. We represent clients from every category of the global economy, both domestically and internationally, including retailers, merchandisers, real estate developers, manufacturers, financial institutions, healthcare providers, insurance companies, telecommunications providers, importers, computer software developers, computer hardware retailers, advertising agencies, artists, and restaurants.

The IP Law Group at MMPS focuses on trademark, copyright, trade secrets, protection of confidential information, and unfair competition matters. We routinely advise sole proprietors, start-ups, and mid-size businesses of all kinds on protecting, branding, marketing and monetizing their intellectual property rights in all categories of international and domestic commerce. We handle the protection, enhancement, licensing and franchising of existing intellectual property. We file applications for new trademark and copyright registrations and assist clients in monitoring the deadlines in connection with same. We work with our clients to identify the most effective means of addressing IP misappropriation, misuse and theft of IP assets, and employ a broad range of dispute resolution tools, including litigation, mediation, arbitration and settlement.

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